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I’ve been playing games for around 25 years and decided that I should write about what I love in early 2011 during what can only be described as a rather unpleasant bowel movement. I started writing for the now-defunct website as a lowly freelancer and gradually worked my way up to hold the position of senior editor where I remained until the site closed its metaphorical doors in 2012. 

After a brief hiatus where I focussed on musical projects, I got back into writing again and began freelancing for in 2014, providing gaming-related listicles while quietly working on reviews and news posts on my own website Haywire Gaming. 

In 2015, I got a gig writing scripts for the YouTube channel GamesHQMedia and created this website to put all of my writing, music and other stuff in in one place in order to appease the OCD demon constantly whispering in my ear.


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